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IDEA's Schools in Louisiana

IDEA Bridge

1500 N Airway Drive
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70815
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IDEA Innovation

7800 Innovation Park Drive
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70820
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IDEA University Prep

7701 Plank Rd
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70807
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Four reasons parents love IDEA southern louisiana

College-Prep Academic Model

Through structured, challenging coursework, IDEA Public Schools focuses on college preparation for all children. In fact, we are on track to send 100% of our seniors to college for the 14th straight year.

Sports & After-School Activities

Our athletic programs are competitive and award-winning, instilling in students a strong work ethic, dedication, and accountability. In addition to sports, IDEA offers clubs that span the interests of our students.

Expert Teachers In Every Classroom

IDEA puts passionate teachers in every classroom and gives them the support they need to prepare students for success. Our teachers create joyful environments where students are excited to learn.

We Are Open To All Students

We are a tuition-free public school option in neighborhoods across Southern Louisiana. We accept all students, regardless of where they live, their academic standing, their income, and ability level.

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We serve grades K through 10, more than 2,500 college-bound students in 6 schools across Southern Louisiana. We are on track to maintain our legacy of sending 100% of our graduates to college.



Our tuition-free public schools are open to all students. We proudly serve students and families in Baton Rouge.



We have a total of 3,000 students between our academy and college prep campuses in grades K through 8. We will grow to serve grades K-12 when fully scaled.



Since IDEA’s first graduating class in 2007, 100% of our seniors have been accepted to colleges and universities nationwide.


Through small learning groups and daily access to technology, every student learns at the level and speed just right for them. 

Expert Teachers

Our teachers bring subject matter expertise and an unwavering commitment to set each student on a path to success.


Our school is family. Parents, teachers, and administrators work as a team to help each student reach their full potential. 

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Work at IDEA

We are a looking for hard-working, talented individuals to help make college a reality for all children in the Rio Grande Valley. From the classroom to transportation and everything in between – your work will directly deliver on IDEA’s mission.

Board of Directors

Board Members

Lakeisha Robichaux, Board President

Contact Board President

Michael Tipton

Jill Kennedy

Nicole Reynolds

Theo Richard

Kimberly Tang

Board Meetings and Agendas

2022-23 IPSL Board of Directors Meeting Schedule (Approved)

Unless otherwise noted on the agenda, all board meetings begin at 6 pm CST. Meetings are held at the address provided on the schedule above and on each agenda.

  • 2022.6.21 Board Meeting:
  • 2022.6.13 Board Meeting:
  • 2022.5.9 Board Meeting:
  • 2022.4.11 Board Meeting:
  • 2022.2.28 Board Meeting:
  • 2022.12.13 Board Meeting:
  • 2022.10.11 Board Meeting: AgendaMinutes
  • 2022.9.16 Special Board Meeting: Agenda| Minutes
  • 2022.9.12 Board Meeting: Agenda| Minutes
  • 2022.8.30 Special Board Meeting: Agenda | Minutes
  • [Rescheduled from 2002.8.9] 2022.8.15 Board Meeting: Agenda | Minutes
  • [Cancelled] 2022.8.9 Board Meeting: Agenda
  • 2022.7.12 Board Meeting: Agenda | Minutes

2022.6.21 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2022.6.14 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2022.6.7 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2022.4.12 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2022.2.15 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2021.12.14 Board Meeting – Notice | Minutes

2021.10.12 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2021.08.17 Board Meeting (Rescheduled from 2021.08.10) – Agenda | Minutes

2021.06.23 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2021.06.15 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2021.06.01 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2021.05.14 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2021.04.13 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes 

2021.02.09 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2020.12.15 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2020.12.01 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2020.10.22 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2020.10.13 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

Virtual Meetings: 

2020.09.25 Board Meeting – Notice | Agenda | Minutes

2020.07.28 Board Meeting – Notice | Agenda | Minutes

2020.06.09 Board Meeting – Agenda | MinutesVideo

2019.06.25 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2019.05.07 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2019.05.01 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2019.04.02 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2019.02.05 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2019.01.08 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2018.12.06 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2018.11.06 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2018.10.02 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2018.08.07 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2018.07.19 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2018.03.08 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2018.02.08 Board Meeting – AgendaMinutes

2017.10.12 Board Meeting – AgendaMinutes

2017.09.13 Board Meeting – Agenda | Minutes

2017.08.01 Board Meeting – AgendaMinutes

Public Custodian of Records

For public custodial records requests, please contact

Adrienne Turnipseed

Transportation Managers

IDEA Bridge
Tina Carter

IDEA Innovation
Lesley Williams

IDEA University Prep
Robert Gauthier

Regional Leadership

Kenneth Campbell

Executive Director, Southern Louisiana

Dr. Clifford Wallace

Executive Director, Southern Louisiana