Procurement & Contract Services

Dedicated to working together for quality purchases for IDEA

IDEA Public Schools’ Office of Procurement and Contract works with schools, departments, vendors, and stakeholders to provide goods and services of the highest quality and best value for IDEA. We are dedicated to meeting our goal through competitive pricing while adhering to relevant laws, Board rules, policies, and procedures. 

The TASBO Award of Merit for Purchasing Operations recognizes Texas school districts, open-enrollment charter schools, and education services centers that are committed to following professional standards in the acquisition of goods and services. Read more about the TASBO Award of Merit for Purchasing Operations

Procurement Team

Jose Perez
Director of Procurement

Mia Harris
Assistant Director of Procurement

Michael Menchaca
Assistant Director of Procurement

Jennifer Ornelas
Contract Manager

Stacy Batiste-Frank
Procurement Supervisor

Haley Wilkinson
Procurement Administrator

Child Nutrition Program

Janet Fuentes
CNP Assistant Director of Procurement


Elda Pruneda
Director of Facilities Budget & Energy


Sandra Martinez
Director of Transportation Finance and Warehousing

Legal Authority & Policy

IDEA Public Schools follows the Texas Education Purchasing Code 44.031.  Procurement and Contract Services is responsible for ensuring that goods and services are acquired in accordance with this code. IDEA follows State, local and school policies to ensure IDEA is receiving best value while meeting quality requirements.

For more information visit the Texas Education Code

Purchase Order Standard Terms and Conditions