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IDEA Public Schools Dell Scholars 2021

Thirty-one IDEA Seniors Named 2021 Dell Scholar Finalists

Great news! Thirty-one scholars from IDEA’s 2021 graduating class have been named Dell Scholar finalists. Our scholars are among 500 winners nationwide selected this year to receive the prestigious Dell Scholarship, providing students with financial assistance, networking resources, and college and

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Proudly Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

This month, IDEA Public Schools is proud to celebrate the rich ancestry, culture, traditions, and contributions of American Indian and Indigenous Communities during Native American Heritage Month. This celebration is also an important opportunity to educate our

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10 Tips to Stay Healthy This Fall

As both the holidays and cooler weather approach, we want to make sure our Team & Family are taking every precaution to stay healthy. We’re sharing some guidance for keeping yourself, your family and

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Beginning of Year FAQs

School is back in session and we want to share some of the most frequently asked questions about the 2020-21 school year, including our plans for continued rigorous and joyful instruction, whether

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Nine IDEA Seniors Named Dell Scholar Finalists

Have you heard the great news?  Nine scholars from IDEA’s 2020 graduating class have been named Dell Scholar Finalists.  Our scholars are among 500 winners nationwide selected this year to receive the prestigious Dell Scholarship, providing students

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Charter Schools: Myths vs. Facts   

Over the last two decades, student enrollment in public charter schools in the U.S. has grown exponentially. Today, charter schools serve an estimated 3.2 million public school students nationwide. And IDEA Public

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New IDEA Principals Announced

We are thrilled to announce eight outstanding individuals who will become principals of IDEA schools during the 2020-21 school year.  These leaders will serve as

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IDEA Hotline Launched

The IDEA Hotline is now available. The safety and care of our Team & Family is of utmost importance, and the introduction of the IDEA

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Building a Bridge

Jervion’zoe Brown, 3rd grader, and Kiante Walker, 1st grader, are students at IDEA Bridge Academy. They also happen to be cousins and give each other a cheery wave and a greeting when they pass in the school

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Safe Schools from the Ground Up

Dozens of safety procedures are implemented on IDEA campuses each day to protect our students. From securing building access to monthly training drills, our security

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The Basics of Pre-K at IDEA

IDEA is a family of tuition-free, Pre-K – 12 public charter schools open to serving all students and committed to ensuring every scholar is prepared

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Flipping the Switch at IDEA’s Headquarters

On Thursday, November 15, IDEA Public Schools partnered with Green Mountain Energy Sun Club and Alba Energy to “flip the switch” for a 1,072 solar panel system at the IDEA headquarters in Weslaco,Texas. The ceremony served a

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An IDEA Campus: An Inside Look

Walk the halls of an IDEA school and you’re greeted by teachers, principals, cafeteria managers, custodians, receptionists, and more of our campus staff who share

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6th Grade at IDEA Public Schools

6th grade is a pivotal year for IDEA students, marking the transition from Academy to College Preparatory.  At the College Preparatory level, further responsibility is

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IDEA Will Change Your World

Like many parents, Dariana Jefferson was anxious about her son Kaleb’s transition into middle school. Unsatisfied with many of the local school options, she heard about a

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