Physical Education

P.E. Courses for K-12

To ensure the health and wellness of our students and compliance with TEA physical education requirements:

  • All students in PE grades K-12, including students with disabilities, special health-care needs, and in alternative educational settings, will receive an average of 135 minutes/week of physical education for Academy students and 225 minutes/ 2 weeks for College Preparatory students. In addition to these structured PE requirements, students should be offered at least one physical activity opportunity each day. This can include, but is not limited to, recess, afterschool clubs, sports team, “Walk-to-School” programming, etc.
  • Students will spend at least 50% of physical education class time participating in moderate to vigorous physical activity.
  • All students taking PE will be evaluated twice a year using Fitness Gram to evaluate for performing in the Healthy Fitness Zone. (Pretest and Posttest)


To ensure that students participate in school physical education class, the campus will, to the extent possible, provide space for the physical activity taking place during physical education.


To ensure that students participate in physical activity during physical education class and that students’ hygiene is maintained during the school day, student will to the extent possible be provided with a space to change clothing.

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