K-12 Physical Education at IDEA Public Schools

IDEA Public Schools promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for our scholars by increasing access to health, wellness, and nutrition. IDEA’s Physical Education programming exists as a catalyst to maximize scholars’ academic excellence through fitness and health. Our scholars are taught the values of exercise, sociability, and techniques for managing one’s personal well-being through self-care for mind and body.  

The Physical Education curriculum at IDEA Public Schools integrates Interactive Health Technologies (IHT) devices to support physical fitness and mental health in our schools. Watch more and hear from our Director of Athletics, Eren Kirksey, on KXAN:

IHT’s Use in PE and Linking SEL: IDEA Public Schools from IHT Spirit System® on Vimeo.


Learn more about IDEA’ K-12 Physical Education curriculum on our website: https://ideapublicschools.org/our-approach/physical-education/  


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