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Team & Family

IDEA Public Schools recognizes that strong leadership across the district as well as on each of our campuses is critical to our success.

We are committed to recruiting, developing, training, and retaining the very best leaders in secondary education. We currently have leadership teams overseeing our district-wide, regional, and board operations.

Senior Leadership

Tom E. Torkelson

Chief Executive Officer

JoAnn Gama

President & Superintendent

Phillip Garza

Chief College and Diversity Officer

Sam Goessling

Chief Advancement Officer

Dolores Gonzalez

Chief Program Officer

Misty D. Martin, SPHR

Chief Administrative Officer

Irma Munoz

Chief Operating Officer

Jamey Roberts

Chief Human Assets Officer

Wyatt Truscheit

Chief Financial Officer

Regional Leadership

Ernesto Cantu

Executive Director, El Paso

Kenneth Campbell

Executive Director, Southern Louisiana

Elizabet T. Garza

Executive Director, Upper Valley

Jill Dominguez

Executive Director, Lower Valley

Rolando Posada

Executive Director, San Antonio

Patricia Noyola

Executive Director, Austin

Ana Martinez

Executive Director, IDEA Tarrant County

Allison Serafin

Executive Director, Greater Houston Area

Bethany Solis

Executive Director, Permian Basin

Nate Lowry

Executive Director, IDEA Tampa Bay