Dolores Gonzalez

Dolores Gonzalez

Chief Program Officer


Dolores is a Texas native, and was raised throughout the state of Texas until she and her family ultimately settled in Kingsville. She attended Texas A&M University-Kingsville where she majored in Psychology and minored in Business Administration. In 2003, she also received her teacher certification and master’s degree in Special Education.

Before becoming Chief Program Officer, Dolores was the Director of Special Education for two years, and Vice President of Student Support Services for four years at IDEA Public Schools. Prior to joining IDEA, she was a Special Education teacher for San Diego ISD in San Diego, Texas. 

She currently oversees the elementary program, secondary program, special programs, and the individualized learning and assessment departments for grades Pre-K-12 across 120 schools in eight regions within Texas and Southern Louisiana, impacting over 66,000 students and growing. Initiatives she is currently leading at IDEA is AP for All, Pre-K launches, and Critical Student Intervention, which is strategic reading and math intervention for our most academically, at-risk students.

Dolores currently lives in McAllen, Texas and enjoys reading and spending time with her family.