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133 IDEA Public Schools Receive Distinction for Most Healthy Schools in Nation

IDEA is excited to announce that 133 schools across all of IDEA’s regions are among the top schools nationwide to earn a spot on the Alliance for a Healthier Generation 2023 list of “America’s Healthiest Schools” for their commitment to promoting quality nutrition, regular physical activity, and strong wellness policies.  

Schools were recognized across the following regions: IDEA Austin, IDEA El Paso, IDEA Greater Houston, IDEA Permian Basin, IDEA Rio Grande Valley, IDEA Permian Basin, IDEA Tarrant County, IDEA San Antonio, IDEA Louisiana, IDEA Cincinnati, and IDEA Jacksonville, and IDEA Tampa Bay.

A huge shout out to our IDEA Louisiana team, who had the only schools in the state to make the 2023 list, this includes IDEA Bridge, IDEA Innovation, and IDEA University Prep. Congratulations on receiving this honor and representing Louisiana as the healthiest schools in your state! 

Schools are recognized for implementing best practices in up to nine topic areas, based on criteria in Healthier Generation’s Thriving Schools Integrated Assessment:  

  • Strengthening Social-Emotional Health & Learning 
  • Cultivating Staff Well-Being  
  • Increasing Family & Community Engagement 
  • Improving Nutrition & Food Access  
  • Implementing Local School Wellness Policy   
  • Bolstering Physical Education & Activity   
  • Enriching Health Education   
  • Promoting Tobacco-Free Schools  
  • Supporting School Health Services

This distinction is a major accomplishment thanks to IDEA’s Healthy Kids Here program. Launched in 2014, Healthy Kids Here is an initiative aimed at making IDEA one of the healthiest school districts in America with three main areas of focus including food, fitness, and instilling healthy habits for the future.  

With an emphasis on helping students gain a strong foundation of healthy habits, Healthy Kids Here provides students with healthy meals and snacks each day, five campus farm programs that keep schools supplied with delicious, locally grown, organic produce, physical fitness programs to keep scholars healthy and strong, while educating students and families about the importance of proper hygiene and healthy living.  

Health Aides lead the Healthy Kids Here work on each campus, partnering with the Child Nutrition Program and PE coaches throughout the year to deliver health programming and education.   

For over 15 years, Healthier Generation has worked with schools, youth-serving organizations, businesses, communities, and families to promote health equity environments that support whole child health. Our work has impacted 31.1 million children across the country by increasing access to nutritious foods, high-quality physical activity, social-emotional support, and tobacco-free environments.   

As members of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program, IDEA works to implement wellness policies and practices that meet federal requirements and support a comprehensive approach to kids’ health. Any school can join the program to access trainings, resources, and technical assistance by visiting 

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