IDEA University Prep

Proudly serving the parents, families and students of Baton Rouge.


IDEA University Prep sets high expectations for every student and goes the extra mile to make sure every student realizes their own potential. Personalized learning, critical thinking skills, mastery of core subjects is our recipe for success.


Year Founded


Students Currently Enrolled

K - 6

21- 22 Grade Levels


Campus Leaders


Brytanni Blanchard

Principal, IDEA University Prep Academy

Brytanni is a school Leader who impacts the community through education. She has proven results in leveraging leadership to drive organizational change. She uses a systems approach to program design, builds collaborative teams, and focuses on creating spaces for talent development.

She provides educators with tools to support their implementation of effective practices, and models how best practice impacts student achievement. Brytanni believes in reforming systems that perpetuate inequity for our community’s most vulnerable people.

Her effort to achieve educational equity has presented challenges, risks, and rewards but has ultimately provided her invaluable
perspective. She is a certified elementary educator and has training in many facets of heuristic leadership.

Brytanni holds a BA in psychology, a Masters in Public Administration from Louisiana State University, and A Masters in Education Leadership from Columbia University. She is charged to produce leaders who are socially conscious, skillful, and driven by purpose.


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