Student Profiles

Ramiro Alvarado

IDEA College Prep Alamo, Class of 2014 → Texas A&M University, Class of 2018

Ramiro Alvarado (IDEA College Prep Alamo ’14) is a planner. He operates with an “I can do anything” attitude. A mindset he says he acquired while attending IDEA Public Schools. During a ninth grade field lesson, Ramiro took a trip to Texas A&M University, a place that would later become his home.

“This ultimately prepared me for college because it helped me make friends easily in a school of over 50,000 students, become a part of a professional organization for my major which helped me become accepted into the Civil Engineering Program, and overcome the challenges set in my classes,” says Ramiro.

The Match

Ramiro didn’t always know he wanted to major in engineering. Mr. Wong, his high school math teacher, would help him discover his affinity for mathematics, and that would lead him to engineering.

“I had Mr. Wong for three years, and in those three years with him, I learned more than I did in any other class. Mr. Wong made me love math, which ultimately made me want to go into engineering.”

The Journey

And so his mission to go to college and major in engineering began. Ramiro worked hard in school and participated in a variety of extracurricular activities. He was involved in student council for two years, serving as class representative the first year and treasurer the second year. Ramiro was also a member of the Rubik’s Cube Club, the cross-country team, and the soccer team. Nothing made Ramiro prouder than his induction into the National Honor Society and then subsequently being elected treasurer. For Ramiro, this achievement recognized all the time, diligence, and effort he had dedicated to his studies.

The Moment of Truth

After years of preparation and hard work, the moment of truth finally arrived. But when he read his letter of acceptance, it was not what he anticipated.

“The package I received included a letter saying I had been accepted to the university, but that there were no more spots in the School of Engineering, and I would be placed in a review process to see if I could be accepted.”

A Twist of Fate

Ramiro was disappointed, but not deterred. He remained committed to his goal, and patiently awaited the outcome of the review process.

“The real excitement came 15 days later when I received a letter saying I had been accepted into the School of Engineering. I felt incredibly overjoyed.”

The Plan

It’s safe to say, Ramiro is still a planner.

“After I graduate with a degree in civil engineering, I plan to continue my education and move on to my master’s degree. I plan to apply to the Zachry Department of Civil Engineering graduate program.”

Ramiro is on the road to accomplishing his goal of becoming an engineer and project supervisor.