IDEA Round Rock Tech Celebrates Historical Total Solar Eclipse

IDEA Round Rock Tech Academy Principal Sylvia Flores and science teacher Gustavo Perez led an outofthisworld activity and watch party for the celestial phenomenon of the total solar eclipse. 

A total solar eclipse is when the moon passes directly between the Sun and the Earth’s orbit, causing the sun from Earth’s view to become partially or totally obstructed. The last time a total eclipse occurred in the United States was back in August of 2017, when states such as Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska and more witnessed it, excluding Texas.  

Principal Flores and Mr. Santos’ presentation included information explaining a total eclipse, how it occurred, and how it was perceived in ancient historical times. A visual of the event was shown as Mr. Santos used a light bulb as the sun and a styrofoam sphere as the moon.  









Round Rock Tech students demonstrated this year’s eclipse with a hands-on craft activity, and teachers led their students in making this project that allowed them to move the moon away or towards the Sun.

The campus ensured safety was top priority for the solar eclipse watch party, as students were instructed to keep their sunglasses on while looking at the sky during the time of totality. Many parents helped volunteer for the event to ensure the safety of our scholars during this rare phenomenon.

The total solar eclipse event was an educational and unforgettable experience for both students and staff. Under the guidance of Principal Flores and Mr. Perez, participants delved into the marvels of celestial mechanics, gaining insights into the phenomenon of a total eclipse and its historical significance.

Thank you to our IDEA Round Rock Tech Team & Family for ensuring a fun and safe event for all!







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