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IDEA Public Schools Announces New College Partnership with Occidental College

IDEA Public Schools is excited to announce a new college partnership with Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. The agreement signed between IDEA and Occidental College allows students, staff and alumni the opportunity to pursue multiple paths to higher education. This new alliance also marks the 55th partnership between IDEA Public Schools and universities across the country. The partnership will begin outreach efforts to students starting college in the fall of 2024. 

“Occidental College has a longstanding practice of recruiting talented students from a wide range of backgrounds,” says Maricela L. Martinez, Vice President of Enrollment at Occidental College. “We look forward to partnering with IDEA Public Schools to help their students navigate the college admission process and to share how Occidental’s liberal arts education can prepare them to lead lives of impact.” 

Through IDEA’s college partnership program, students have access to information on partner universities and colleges as they make their selection on where to attend. Partner teams work together to create a collaborative and supportive environment for IDEA students as they continue their educational journey on a college campus. Financial aid education and scholarship opportunities for IDEA students are also included to help students and their families with the expense of college. View the full list of college partners below:  

  1. Allegheny College 
  2. American University 
  3. Antioch College 
  4. Austin College 
  5. Babson College 
  6. Bates College 
  7. Beloit College 
  8. Benedict College 
  9. Boston University 
  10. Bowdoin College 
  11. Centre College 
  12. Claremont McKenna College 
  13. Clark University 
  14. Colby College 
  15. College of Mount St. Vincent 
  16. College of the Holy Cross 
  17. Concordia University, Texas 
  18. Dillard University 
  19. Franklin & Marshall College 
  20. Gettysburg College 
  21. Hamilton College 
  22. John Hopkins University 
  23. Kalamazoo College 
  24. Lafayette College 
  25. Mercy College 
  26. Mount St. Joseph University 
  27. Northeast Lakeview College 
  28. Northeastern University 
  29. Northwest Vista College 
  30. Occidental College 
  31. Palo Alto College 
  32. Providence College 
  33. Reed College 
  34. Rhodes College 
  35. San Antonio College 
  36. Southern Methodist University 
  37. St. Edward’s University 
  38. St. John’s College 
  39. St. Mary’s University 
  40. St. Olaf College 
  41. St. Phillip’s College 
  42. Southwestern University 
  43. Texas A&M University at Kingsville 
  44. Texas A&M University at San Antonio 
  45. Texas State University 
  46. Texas Tech University 
  47. Trinity College 
  48. University of St. Thomas 
  49. University of Virginia 
  50. The University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley 
  51. The University of Texas at San Antonio 
  52. Vanderbilt University 
  53. Villanova University 
  54. Wabash College 
  55. Western Governor’s University 

“These partnerships are a testament to our commitment to make sure every student is successful on their path to and through college” says Phillip Garza, Chief College Officer of IDEA Public Schools. “The collaboration between IDEA and universities across the country allow our students to walk onto a college campus with a built-in network for support and growth.” 

Are you interested in joining our Team & Family on the road to and through college? New student applications for the 2024-25 school year are now open! Submit your application today.  

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