IDEA Quest’s Zoe Martínez and Her Ministry in Edinburg

One of our scholars from IDEA Quest in Edinburg, Texas has gained media attention for her library that serves multiple purposes for her community.  

Zoe Martínez, a sixth-grade student from our IDEA Quest campus, is passionate about helping those in her community. What started out as an idea during the pandemic has since become a reality with the help and support from her family and friends.  


Last week, she opened her ministry library, which is outside of the La Cabaña Pollos Asados restaurant. Zoe’s interest in setting up her own ministry comes from the life of service her grandparents lived, as they were leaders of their own Church, dedicated to helping others. Her library serves to promote literature in the community, as people can take and donate books to it. In addition to her library, Zoe offers food or personal hygiene items to those in need through a donation box 


(images courtesy of the city of Edinburg)


From the book titles to the several food and hygiene products, all the work done through her ministry is to honor her late grandparents, Tomas and Graciela Treviño.  

To learn more about Zoe’s Ministry, check out her feature done by the City of Edinburg on Facebook! 





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