Dive Into Reading this Summer: Suggested Titles for 2023 

Summer is here, but the IDEA Team & Family knows that learning is a never-ending journey. We encourage all IDEA students to keep their brains active by engaging in summer reading. Data shows that students who read during summer vacation are more likely to score higher on exams and perform better academically once school resumes.   

To avoid “Summer Slide”— the tendency for children to lose some of the academic gains they make during the previous school year—here are some suggested tips to encourage your IDEA student to dive into reading during their break.   

  • Choose the right books. We suggest the “Goldilocks Effect”— don’t select reading that is too easy or too hard, instead make it just right!   


  • Explore new interests – Encourage your child to explore interesting topics they want to read about. Let them try different genres and formats— fiction, non-fiction, e-books, graphic novels, magazines, or whatever sparks their interest.  


  • Set a summer reading goal – How many pages can your child read in a day? Search for free reading trackers or book logs like this one online. Post and chart progress toward the goal. Have a friendly family competition with a special reward to show your kids that reading is also a priority for you.   


Just in case you need a little help selecting a book for your student, here are some of our favorite titles your children can dive into this summer. Check out the videos below for read-aloud videos and more! Remember, these are not required reading, just our summer suggestions! 

Academy Suggested Reading 

Day at the Beach by Tom Booth book cover





Day at the Beach by Tom Booth







The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli  


The Last Day of Summer by Lamar Giles






The Last Day of Summer by Lamar Giles 


Diary of A Wimpy Kid: The long haul




Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul by Jeff Kinney 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid:The Long Haul|Audiobook|Jeff  

College Prep Suggested Reading 

The Lemonade War Book Cover







The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies 


Charlie Joe Jackson: Guide to Summer Vacation





Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Summer Vacation by Tommy Greenwald 


City Spies book cover






City Spies by James Ponti 



How tia lola saved the summerHow Tia Lola Saved the Summer | Buy on Amazon



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