IDEA Robindale

Proudly serving the parents, families and students of Brownsville, Texas.

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IDEA Robindale sets high expectations for every student and goes the extra mile to make sure every student realizes their own potential. Personalized learning, critical thinking skills, mastery of core subjects is our recipe for success.


Year Founded


Students Currently Enrolled

K – 4 & 6 – 8

21-22 Grade Levels


Campus Leaders

Monica Araiza

Founding Principal, IDEA Robindale Academy


Juana Ibarra

Founding Principal, IDEA Robindale College Prep

Juana Ibarra was born in Mexico and migrated with her grandparents to the United States when she was in middle school. She is a proud first-generation college graduate. She graduated with a bachelors in Language Arts from the University of Texas at Brownsville and a masters in School and Community Counseling. She worked as an elementary and middle school teacher and in this manner served her community for 14 years. 

Her passion for education and belief that every child has the right to a high-quality education, persuaded her to work at IDEA. Mrs. Ibarra joined IDEA public schools as a Regional Instructional Coach, then became an Assistant Principal of Instruction, later a Principal in Residence and now she has the honor of being the founding principal at IDEA Robindale College Prep. She believes that every child, regardless of social-economical background, has the capacity to go to and through college. Her dedication and hard work allowed her to contribute to an A rating at the campus where she completed her residency.  

In 2016 she was awarded a Core Value award for her dedication in teacher development. Her commitment has allowed Mrs. Ibarra to close the achievement gap every day and getting students closer to reach their goals. Her focus is to continue severing her community by molding the future innovative leaders of tomorrow with rigorous instruction, while creating a community of belonging. She feels blessed to have the support of her husband and two incredible daughters as well as her faith to keep her strong.  

Ulu Gil

Founding Assistant Principal of Operations, IDEA Robindale