IDEA Health Professions

Proudly serving the parents, families and students of Austin, Texas.


IDEA Health Professions sets high expectations for every student and goes the extra mile to make sure every student realizes their own potential. Personalized learning, critical thinking skills, mastery of core subjects is our recipe for success. This is IDEA’s first diverse by design school.


IGNITE students’ interests through exposure, problem solving, and fun.

EMPOWER our kids to be agents of charge.

Cultivate young people to LEAD.



Year Founded


Students Currently Enrolled

K – 8

21-22 Grade Levels


Campus Leaders

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Darnisha Carreathers

Principal, IDEA Health Professions Academy

Jarod Hawk garnered much of his educational experience in his home state of Ohio. In order to facilitate growth Jarod continued teaching in South Carolina, prior to joining IDEA for the 2016 school year.

He obtained his Master’s degree in Educational Administration from Ashland University. Jarod has completed two years in the Principal Residency program working alongside IDEA’s top performing principals.

Jarod was instrumental in launching a STEM School in Ohio and offered rich STEM opportunities to families within the diverse community.
Jarod has directly taught or led teachers, at almost every level of elementary and middle school. He has personally witnessed how powerful a strong STEM education is and what authentic, hands-on, real world opportunities can do for students. He is excited about igniting the passion for Science and Health Professions in our students at IDEA Health Professions.


Cameron Cook

Founding Principal, IDEA Health Professions College Prep

Cameron Cook taught at the secondary level in a diverse number of settings including middle school Physics in Colorado, in the country of Bolivia as an AP Biology teacher, and Austin, his home since 2014.

He credits his high school Biology teacher for igniting his passion for Science and helping him get a full ride to Texas A&M in the Bio-Medical sciences program. Cameron went to Colorado through the Teach For America program where he also obtained a Masters degree in Education from the University of Colorado, Denver studying Leadership in Urban Education.

Cameron has completed three years in the principal residency program working alongside IDEA’s top performing principals.
Prior to joining IDEA Austin as a Principal In Resident in 2016, Cameron was one of the highest performing teacher-leaders at Eastside Memorial High School, consistently outperforming state and local high schools. Cameron has seen first-hand, and helped confront, the educational inequities in Austin, and could not be more excited to help many more students ignite their passion for science and the Health Professions.

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Rick ramos

Founding Assistant Principal of Operations, IDEA Health Professions


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