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Increasing Student Engagement

Our Mathematics Curriculum Redesign (MCR) program encourages both teachers and students to delve into mathematical content through a range of engaging, student-centered instructional practices. These methods foster student confidence and build strong problem-solving skills. These are key qualities for success in our increasingly technology-driven world. With feedback from our students and analytical collaboration with the American Institute of Research, we continuously found ways to innovate our curriculum while supplying our students with the tools to succeed.

MCR Student Edition

“The MCR Student Edition provides students with the structure and space to build the conceptual understanding and procedural skills required for abstract reasoning, allowing students to transfer and apply their learning to new contexts.”

Frances Wells, Math Curriculum Manager

*These resources are available to download below.

CourseLevelCurriculum File
Pre-Algebra7th GradePre-Algebra (ZIP, 77 MB)
Algebra I8th GradeAlgebra I (ZIP, 52 MB)
Geometry9th GradeGeometry (ZIP, 41 MB)
Algebra II10th GradeAlgebra II (ZIP, 67 MB)
Pre-Calculus11th GradePre-Calculus (ZIP, 30 MB)
AP Calculus AB12th GradeAP Calculus (ZIP, 10 MB)
AP Statistics12th GradeAP Statistics (ZIP, 11 MB)

*These Student Edition MCR Materials were developed by the EIR 2019 Grant. These materials are open-licensed materials governed by the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
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Math Curriculum Redesign

Student Edition

*Listed are the individual units available for download in the links above


Unit #Unit Title
1Operation with Rational Numbers
2Algebraic Expressions & Equations
3Proportional and Linear Relationships
4Percents and Proportions
6Algebraic Inequalities
8Data and Statistics
9STAAR Success

Algebra I

Unit #Unit Title
1Solving Equations and Inequalities
2Introduction to Functions
3Linear Functions and Arithmetic Sequences
4Systems of Equations and Inequalities
5Exponents and Radicals
6Polynomials and Factoring
7Quadratic Functions and Equations
8Exponential Functions, Equations, and Geometric Sequences
9STAAR EOC Success
10Pre-ACT and Geometry Topics


Unit #Unit Title
1Basics of Geometry
2Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
3Congruent Triangles & Relationships within Triangles
4Proportions and Similarity
6Right Triangles and Trigonometry

Algebra II

Unit #Unit Title
1Foundations of Functions
2Absolute Value Functions
3Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities
4Quadratic Functions and Equations
5Square Root Functions and Equations
6Exponential & Logarithmic Functions and Equations
8Cubic Radical Functions and Equations
9Rational Functions and Equations


Unit #Unit Title
1Foundations of Functions
2Polynomial and Rational Functions
3Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
4Trigonometric Functions, Graphs, and Applications
5Analytic Trigonometry
6Analytic Geometry: Vectors, Parametric Equations, and Polar Curves
7Conic Sections
8Discrete Mathematics

AP Calculus AB

Unit #Unit Title
1Intro to Calculus
3Differentiating Composite, Implicit, & Inverse Functions
4Contextual Applications of Differentiation
5Analytical Applications of Differentiation
6Integration and Accumulation of Change
7Differential Equations
8Applications of Integration

AP Statistics

Unit #Unit Title
1Displaying and Describing Data
2The Normal Distribution
3Displaying and Describing Bivariate Data
4Sampling and Experiments
6Random Variable and Probability Distributions
7Sampling Distributions
8Inference for Proportions
9Inference for Means