Thank You, IDEA Substitute Teachers!

From unexpected sick days to important days off, our substitute teachers at IDEA provide our students with the help and support they need to not miss a beat in their coursework.

Every year during American Education Week, we celebrate Substitute Educators Day. We want to thank all of those who contribute towards our mission of College for All. Hear from some of our substitute educators in IDEA Tampa Bay, IDEA Jacksonville, IDEA Baton Rouge, and IDEA Greater Cincinnati regions about their love for the profession and why they choose to do it with us.


The Profession of Being a Substitute Educator




“Substitute teaching is a great way to get your foot in the door as a full-time teacher. I really enjoy seeing the smiles on their faces when I walk into the classroom” – Malcom Amos, Tampa Bay





“It allows me to make a positive impact on the lives of our youth.” – Robert Carpenter, Tampa Bay







“I get to meet various students of all different ages and backgrounds. I love providing a positive experience to all of them. Additionally, I get to learn new teaching techniques from various teachers that will help me become a more successful full-time teacher in the future. “- Cherish Lux, Jacksonville






Being a Substitute Educator at IDEA 



“IDEA Public Schools has given me the opportunity to give back to my community. It feels amazing to be able to work with different students and help cheer them on while they are getting their education.” – Rontaysha Tate, Greater Cincinnati






“It is such a beautiful work environment to grow and learn! I love being a part of a team that always makes me feel part of the overall team. I’m included in important meetings pertaining to our scholars and I feel appreciated.” – Myclete Steven, Baton Rouge








“I enjoy being a substitute teacher at IDEA because of the academic culture. I think it is important for all students to begin thinking about going to college. IDEA strives for excellence in all areas and that is something that I value in a workplace.” – Rachieda Warton, Jacksonville





Be the bridge that connects our students towards our mission of College For All and become a substitute educator with us. To learn more about these opportunities, visit:





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