Our 2023-24 IDEA Fall Family Survey is Live!

IDEA Team & Family, we are excited to announce the launch of our Fall Family Survey! Every year, IDEA learns valuable information regarding our family’s social-emotional learning and school climate. Families with students in K-12th grade and all students in grades 3rd-12th grade will participate in a school survey this Fall.

Why is this survey important?

Campuses will be able to utilize this data to measure students’ abilities to regulate and manage their emotions. The ability to take on the perspectives of others, and the strength of your school community through student-teacher relationships, school climate, and school safety.

Who will take the survey?

Families with students in Kinder-12th grade and all students in grades 3rd-12th grade.

When will students complete the survey?

To ensure a smooth survey process for our scholars, our survey administrators will be supporting students during the school day.

How will students complete the survey?

Students will complete the survey via Microsoft Forms by logging onto their 1:1 device and clicking the links provided in Clever.

How will parents complete the survey?

Parents will submit responses via this link.

Who can I connect with on campus who can support me throughout the survey process?

For support, contact your campus school counselor, social worker, or designated point person. Contact your campus for questions or concerns.

From Kinder to 12th grade, IDEA Public Schools is focused on sending 100% of our kids to college. Your support and feedback directly contribute to a strong academic journey for each student.

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