Florida and Ohio Discover the World of K-2 Literacy with Amplify CKLA

Amplify CKLA is a high-quality literacy curriculum that aligns to our Florida and Ohio state standards. This school year, students will explore a myriad of topics while gaining deeper knowledge in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. 

Are you ready to set sail on a year-long reading and writing adventure from your classroom? Well, come aboard and let’s go! Let us travel through the world of literacy with Amplify CKLA!  

Kindergarten  1st Grade  2nd Grade 
Nursery Rhymes & Fables  Fables & Stories  Fairy Tales & Tall Tales 
The Five Senses  The Human Body  Early Asian Civilizations 
Stories  Different Lands, Similar Stories  The Ancient Greek Civilization 
Plants  Early World Civilizations  Greek Myths 
Farms  Early American Civilizations  The War of 1812 
Native Americans  Astronomy  Cycles in Nature 
Kings & Queens  The History of the Earth  Westward Expansion 
Seasons and Weather  Animals and Habitats  Insects 
Colonial Towns & Townspeople  Fairy Tales  The U.S. Civil War 
Taking Care of the Earth  A New Nation: American Independence  The Human Body: Building Blocks and Nutrition 
Presidents & American Symbols  Frontier Explorers  Immigration 
    Fighting for a Cause 

Each month, this blog will feature at-home read, write, and play activities that connect directly to the topics scholars are learning about in class. It will also feature fiction and non-fiction books you can access from your local library or bookstore. You can register for a free library account in the city you live! Visit one of the following public library sites: 

Jacksonville Public Library –  https://jaxpubliclibrary.org/  

Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative – https://hcplc.org/  

Cincinnati Public Library – https://chpl.org/  

You can start this year-long adventure by checking out the following books to read at home with your child. 



On the book cover of Hush by Monfong Ho a woman holds a child as she shushes with her finger
Hush by Monfong Ho 

Literacy Activities  

  • Table Talk: Would you be able to sleep with the noises of many animals around? What kind of noise does a ________ make? 
  • Sing a Lullaby: Sing your favorite childhood rhyming songs with your child. 


1st Grade

Clay pot on the cover of Tunjur! Tunjur! Tunjur! A Palestinian Folktale
Tunjur! Tunjur! Tunjur!: A Palestinian Folktale retold by Margaret Read MacDonald

Literacy Activities: 

  • Table Talk: Do you think Little Pot learned her lesson? What would you do differently if you were Little Pot? 
  • Paint a Pot! Head to the store and grab a ceramic pot of your choice and acrylic paints. Guide your child in creating a fun, unique design.


2nd Grade

Giant woman overlooking couple on the cover of Swamp Angel
Swamp Angel by Anne Isaacs

Literacy Activities: 

  • Table Talk: What do you like best about this tall tale? Why? 
  • Tell a Tall Tale! With your child, create a story that includes cool characters and amazing events. 


Are you a resident of Florida or Ohio and interested in becoming part of the IDEA Team & Family? Find your nearest IDEA campus and enroll today!  

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