6th Grade: On the Path to College

Middle School at IDEA Public Schools

Hear From Our Students

Middle School prepares scholars for success in high school and serves as a pivotal moment when many scholars develop their passion and interests. At IDEA, we prioritize the development of the whole child. Sixth grade marks the transition of scholars becoming more resourceful learners who take initiative.
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6th Grade Student Experience

Our scholars engage in intensive study of different topics through the use of carefully selected texts. Students engage with in-depth text analysis and cross-curricular activities that reference literature, visual media, art, social students, and science. 

Lincy Leonard_IDEA student

"Building a strong work ethic will get me to a better college. College Prep is harder, and it's worth it. The teachers challenge me a lot, but this will get me to a better place. "


Academic Highlights

• Pre-Advanced Placement Coursework • Robust Extra-Curricular Activities


Classes and Activities

• English & Language Arts • Mathematics • Social Studies • Science • Spanish • Physical Education • College Field Lessons • The Road To And Through College Class



• Gearing Up for Success in College Preparatory • Developing Passions and Interests • Our 6-8 grade scholars outperformed their state-wide peers on standardized tests by 11%.

Expert Middle School Teachers

IDEA’s expert teachers are critical to ensuring scholars are prepared for college and life. Our teachers invest time and effort in each scholar’s success, working day in and day out to ensure that they are set on the path to success. 

See a real student work math example from an IDEA 6th grader!

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Alethea Barrera

"My goal is to make each of my lessons fun and engaging. I strive to incorporate what I call the 'joy factor' and aim to make them laugh every day. I want my scholars to feel safe and comfortable in my classroom, so they can truly enjoy the process of learning."

Planning For High School

College Counselors
IDEA College Counselors go above and beyond for IDEA scholars. Support starts early at IDEA. Beginning in 6th grade, college counselors work with scholars to teach them entry-level skills, focusing on time management and organization.
College Field Lessons
College Field Lessons, which begin for our scholars as early as 3rd grade, are just one of many ways we strive to create an environment that teaches scholars to dream big and understand that they can attend the college of their choice.
Beyond the Classroom
At IDEA, scholars have the opportunity to explore a wide array of extracurricular opportunities including participating in community service projects, leadership experiences, spelling bees, science fairs, and much more to help them discover their best selves.
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