Meet Our Community

Advocacy at IDEA

The IDEA Advocacy Team supports teachers, families, staff, and alumni to engage with their elected officials and the policy-making process. 

The IDEA Advocacy Action Team was launched during the 18-19 school year and works with IDEA family members and educators to become more civically engaged, supporting and advocating for equitable access to a high-quality public education. The Advocacy Action Team now includes hundreds of trained, engaged IDEA Team and Family members at every campus committed to sharing their support for public charter schools with their community and elected officials. 

Read more about the advocacy programs IDEA offers to support the work of our staff, teachers, and scholars.  

Advocacy Action Team

Through our Advocacy Action Team, IDEA parents and family members connect at the state and regional level, gaining the skills necessary to advocate for high-quality public education for all students with federal, state, and local lawmakers.


Teacher Policy Leadership Program

The IDEA Teacher Policy Fellowship offers training and support for teachers who are interested in advocating for their schools and scholars through policy writing, running for elected office, or organizing their community around issue-based campaigns.

IDEA Votes

IDEA Public Schools aims to prepare 100% of our students for success in college and a life of active citizenship. To achieve this mission, the IDEA community must be role models for our students by showing up as voters. Our IDEA Votes campaigns provides our Team & Family with the information they need to be informed voters and citizens.

Our Stories

At IDEA, our staff, teachers, and parents advocate for high-quality public education for all students by sharing their voices and stories.

Parent Advocacy

Our parents and families advocate for high-quality education for all scholars by sharing their stories in op-eds and other media.