Your Impact

What Your Support Makes Possible

Before IDEA, my kids weren’t motivated to learn and struggled with basic skills like reading and writing. As a parent, I didn’t have the extra support and guidance to help them with their academics like I do today. It’s because of IDEA that my sons have a joy for learning and increased self-confidence.

Victoria Tu’ua

IDEA Permian Basin, Parent

I’m so grateful for those who have donated laptops to IDEA Public Schools. The laptops helped us learn virtually during COVID, and now we get to use them to learn in school.

Khori Lawson

IDEA Southern Louisiana, 6th grade student

The scholarships I received from IDEA changed the trajectory of my life and helped make my college dreams possible. My family and I worried about covering additional expenses like a laptop, textbooks, and my first month’s rent. When I discovered that I was an IDEA scholarship recipient, I was so relieved and could focus on starting my college journey.

Noah Martinez

IDEA San Antonio Alumnus ‘18

College for All changes the trajectory of all stakeholders. It does not only affect the lives of our scholars but of their families and OUR community.

Norma Saenz

IDEA Rio Grande Valley, College Counselor

When I was in 8th grade, my school took us on a field lesson that allowed me to visit Rice University for the very first time. Right from the start, I knew it had a very prestigious and studious work environment that would allow me to grow. Thanks to that opportunity, I worked hard to earn my acceptance and start my new journey at Rice this upcoming year.

Valeria Carrillo

IDEA Rio Grande Valley Alumna ‘22