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Our Impact

IDEA Greater Houston is ready to engage with the local community, find and develop school sites, and recruit top-notch principals and educators for future IDEA Greater Houston schools.  Developing community relationships and partnerships that will enable IDEA to effectively provide a high-quality education to students as they progress along the road to and through college is a top priority for the new region.

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      In 2020, IDEA Greater Houston will be home to four schools.



      In 2020, we will serve a total of 900 students between our academy and college prep campuses. We will open with grades K-2 & 6, and will grow to serve grades K-12 when fully scaled.



      Since IDEA’s first graduating class in 2007, 100% of our seniors have been accepted to colleges and universities nationwide.


      Through small learning groups and daily access to technology, every student learns at the level and speed just right for them. 

      Expert Teachers

      Our teachers bring subject matter expertise and an unwavering commitment to set each student on a path to success.


      Our school is family. Parents, teachers, and administrators work as a team to help each student reach their full potential. 

      Work at IDEA

      We are a looking for hard-working, talented individuals to help make college a reality for all children. From the classroom to transportation and everything in between – your work will directly deliver on IDEA’s mission.

      Regional Leadership


      Executive Director, Greater Houston Area

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      Steven Corrales

      Regional Director of Operations, Greater Houston Area

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      Future IDEA Parents!

      Our Student Lottery Is Just Around The Corner.

      If you’re interested in sending your child to IDEA, be sure to fill out your application before February 15.

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