Student Profiles


Eugenio Javier Macossay-Hernandez

IDEA San Juan College Prep → Stanford University in Stanford, California

Eugenio was born in the third-largest Mexican city, Monterrey, and moved to the United States to pursue a better education. Although he is oriented to science, technology, engineering, and math, Eugenio explored the arts and humanities during high school and discovered his passion for the idea of ideas. He is also an amateur bassist, runner, cyclist, and soccer player.

Eugenio is interested in the well-being of those around him. In the next four years, he plans to delve into bioengineering. Upon graduating from college, he plans to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree and move back to Mexico to make life better for others.

“I had the opportunity to study in schools in Mexico and the United States. All schools, to some degree, teach one to do math, science, or memorize history. But it was at IDEA that I had the opportunity to become a person who thought by himself and had a family in his classmates.”

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