At IDEA Public Schools, the journey to and from school is an extension of classroom learning. To help us provide a safe and pleasant bus ride experience for your children, please follow the two steps below to ensure the accuracy of your child’s transportation information:

“Here Comes The Bus” Application

When your children scans their bus pass, this application allows you to see, in real time, where your child’s bus is and when and where your child got on or off. This easy-to-use technology is free, simply download the “Here Comes the Bus” application on your smartphone, create a secure account, add your children, and you’re all set!

IDEA’s school code for Texas is: 83127

IDEA’s school code for Louisiana is: 87857

Campus Transportation Pages

IDEA Public Schools is committed to ensuring the safe transportation of your child to and from school. Our parents and families play an important role in helping us make this happen. We ask that you click the link below and carefully review all of the information on this page. Please contact your Campus Transportation Manager if you have any questions regarding our transportation services.

Transportation Page

Updated Safety Measures For Transportation

IDEA bus drivers will use personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, masks, and splash guards when loading and unloading students. Once students are seated and the driver is ready to depart, he/she will take off the splash guard, but continue to wear the mask while driving. Students are required to wear masks before pick-up, during the bus ride and after arriving at campus.

As recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), strict procedures for cleaning and disinfecting school buses will be implemented by IDEA’s transportation team. The new guidelines call for cleaning and disinfecting high-traffic surfaces using approved disinfectants before and after every bus route. High-traffic surface areas include bus entrance doors, handrails, seats, back seat rests, and windows.

Parents are also expected to following CDC guidelines while waiting for the school bus to arrive. This includes wearing a mask and maintaining at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and others. Parents are required to wait until their child has entered the bus before leaving the bus stop.

1. Maintain social distancing as students approach the bus.

2. As students approach the bus, the bus driver will take the temperature of each student. If the student has a temperature of 100.4 F or greater, he or she will not be allowed to board the bus. This also will pertain to siblings riding together. If one sibling has high temperature, all other siblings will not be allowed to ride the bus.

3. Students will be directed to a specific seat in the bus that aligns with IDEA’s Transportation Safety Guidelines.

4. All students are encouraged to apply hand sanitizer before taking a seat via dispensers available on each bus. Students will be required to scan their Bus ID Card as before to account for their ridership.

As the bus approaches the bus stop, parents should practice social distancing and maintain a 3 foot distance from all persons while waiting for their child(ren). As the bus stops, the bus driver will direct students to stand and walk toward the exit while maintaining a 3-foot distance in orderly fashion. As students exit the bus, they are encouraged to use hand sanitizer.

The following regions will be offering transportation for the 2021 – 22 school year:

  • Rio Grande Valley
  • Southern Louisiana
  • Greater Houston
  • Austin (IDEA Montopolis ONLY)
  • IDEA Travis will have transportation in partnership with Midland ISD
  • IDEA Yukon
  • Tampa Bay

IDEA's 2022-23 Student Application is now live!

We are excited to announce we are accepting applications for schools across Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and Cincinnati. Follow the button below to get the latest and greatest information about our application process, grade levels, and how to find a campus near you.