IDEA families, we are looking forward to having you back next year. Are you ready to re-register? Here are the steps.

Re-registration for the 2017-2018 school year is now open!

Re-register your child on SchoolMint by April 28, 2017 to guarantee their spot for next year. Below you’ll find specific instructions for re-registration via SchoolMint.

Step One

Step One - Find Your Username

Find the username you received from your school. If you don’t have your username, please contact your campus.

If you have your username, proceed to Step Two.

Step One

Step Two - SchoolMint

Go to

Step Two

Step Three - Forgot Password

In order to access your SchoolMint account, click on the Forgot Password icon and input your username (example: If your username is a cell phone number, you will receive a text message to reset your password. If your username is an email address, you will receive an email to reset your password.

Step Three

Step Four - Login

Login to SchoolMint using the new password you created.

Step Four

Step Five - Select

Select “Returning” or “Not Returning” for each student and confirm.

Step Five

Step Six - Re-Enroll

Select “Re-Enroll” for each student you are re-registering.

Step Six

Step Seven - Forms

If your student is returning, complete the required forms and submit.

Step Seven

Step Eight - Completed

Once the re-registration process is completed, you should see a “completed” status next to your student’s name.

Questions or concerns?
Please contact your child’s campus directly if you have any questions or need additional information about the re-registration process.