Middle School at IDEA

Welcome to Middle School at IDEA

As middle school prepares scholars for success in high school, it also serves as pivotal moment where many students are developing their passion and interests. Through Pre-Advanced Placement Coursework, college visits, and robust extracurricular activities, our dedicated teachers help develop the whole child and ensure students have the academic knowledge, character building, and sports and extracurricular activities to excel in high school and college. Our middle school students are preparing and learning as they embark on a key transition on the road to success in college and in life!

Middle School at IDEA focuses on the following classes and activities:

English & Language Arts 

Social Studies

College Field Lessons



The Road To And Through College Class

Social Studies 


Pre-Advanced Placement courses


Middle school students begin rigorous Pre-AP instruction, mastering strategies that prepare them for the next phase of our college prep program, high school. Read more below about the experience for 6-8 grade students at IDEA.

Work Samples

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