Become a Smooth Operator

Campus Operations at IDEA exists to eliminate operational and logistical obstacles that impede instructional focus.


Surround yourself with people who are in it to win it.

Team & Family

Collectively you will ensure College For All Children with your campus teams.


There are not two days that look the same in campus operations.


There are up to 75 people who support campus operations on a full scale, Pre-K to 12th grade campus.


Child Nutrition


Front Office

Campus and Headquarters Positions
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Your Work Touches All

From Transportation to Farming and everything in between, at IDEA, no matter your role your work directly affects hundreds (or even thousands) of IDEA students.

Behind the Scenes

It takes hundreds of people working hard behind the scenes to make sure that our students, teachers, and school leaders have the support and resources necessary to be successful.

Here's what current IDEA team members have to say:

“There’s just something special about watching a kid become inspired as he or she pulls a carrot from the ground. We want to engage, excite and educate our students about sustainable agriculture, and bridge the gap between what they eat and where they live.”

Cecile Parrish
Farm Coordinator, IDEA Monterrey Park

“Healthy food fuels healthy minds and I’m proud to oversee the department that provides a balanced and nutritious meal for our scholars.”

Cesar Rodriguez
Cafeteria Manager, IDEA Mission

“Our team understands our role in providing meals to all IDEA Students. We don’t know if the meals we serve will be the only ones our students get that day. It is a humbling feeling.”

Fernando Aguilar
Assistant Director of Operations, Child Nutrition Program

A few of our benefits include:

Competitive Salaries
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Paid Family Leave

Medical, Dental, Vision

Employee Purchase Discount Plan

Professional Development

Career Growth

Unbeatable Culture

Teacher Retirement System benefits


Who do I report to?

Most often, the campus ops team members report to the Assistant Principal of Operations.

Do I get to engage with families?

Yes! Campus Ops team members see and engage with students and parents throughout the school-day.

Am I eligible for bonus compensation based on how well the campus does academically?

Yes, you are just as much a part of the team as anyone! Many campus operations staff are eligible for incentive pay. Learn more about this benefit during the hiring and onboarding process.

Have campus operations employees ever switched over to the instructional side?

Absolutely – for example, several former APOs are now current principals at IDEA.

At IDEA we can make real change happen.

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