Why give?

Since 2000, IDEA Public Schools has transformed the lives of thousands of students by preparing them for college and citizenship.

For the past twelve years, 100% of our graduating seniors have been accepted to college, proving that poverty, ethnicity, and race are not determining factors of a student’s success.

Idea public schools is a tuition free, public charter school – open to all students. Yet, even though we are a public charter school, IDEA receives 20% less state and federal funding compared to traditional public school: $1,200 less per student, each year and no funding for facilities.

Since our founding in 2000, a number of federal grants, foundation grants, corporate gifts, and individual contributions have helped IDEA close this funding gap. We have put this money to good use – closing the opportunity gap for our students and propelling them to new heights of achievement.

Your gift, of any amount, can help.

It will fund educational programs or bridge the college funding gap for our students. Your generosity can help our students matriculate to the college of their choice, not just the most affordable colleges, and go on to lead rewarding lives as productive members of their communities.