Parents’ Guide - Virtual Classroom

What is IDEA using for its virtual classroom?

IDEA Public Schools is using Microsoft Teams – a software that is safe, secure, and provides multiple options for learning. 

What is a virtual classroom?

IDEA’s Virtual Classrooms are Internet-based “rooms” where students will receive lessons through video, attend class with the teacher, assignments, take quizzes, or other ways their teachers have decided to support their Distance Learning.

How is this different than a typical IDEA classroom?

The biggest difference is our students will be coming to class from the safety of their own homes!

Otherwise, we are committing to the same great IDEA experience.

We expect students to stay on-track with their lessons, parents and students to partner on accountability, and teachers to continue providing high-quality instruction.

How does my child access Teams?

You can also download the Microsoft Teams app for iOS or Android here: 

How does my child log into Teams?

All IDEA students have a student account already created. 


Student ID#




(where (STUDENT DOB) is in the MMDDYY format (e.g. 031287))

What if I don’t know my student ID number?

Please reach out to your teacher or school for immediate assistance! 

(This is also the same student ID number your child uses to log into Clever/Dreambox/ST Math) 

What should we do when we log in?

When your child first logs in, they should be greeted by the classes they have been enrolled in by their teachers. Clicking on the class allows the student to begin interacting with their lessons immediately – but please consult the daily schedule for specifics. 

How can I or my child get technical support if we are having issues?

Our technical support team is standing by! Please use the button on this website to submit a ticket for assistance.

Someone will respond to you promptly.