Natalie Rubio

Natalie Rubio

Executive Director, Greater Houston


Natalie Rubio began her career in education as a high school English teacher in Houston ISD. She continued as a school leader at a turnaround high school and later helped launch a ninth grade center and campus-based Discipline Alternative Education Placement (DAEP) program.

After serving in Houston ISD for seven years, Natalie was accepted to Houston A+’s Regional Principal Leadership Academy and spent three years as a school leader at YES Prep Southeast, where she focused on student support services, graduation capstone experiences, and Advanced Placement (AP) achievement. In 2012, she returned to Houston ISD to direct novice teacher development and certification for teachers, principals, educational diagnosticians, and counselors.

In 2017, she joined IDEA Public Schools as a Senior Vice President of Schools, where she has been managing a portfolio of twelve academy and college prep schools in San Antonio, Texas. Natalie currently serves as the Executive Director of IDEA Greater Houston.