Expansion and Growth

Serving More Students in More Communities

College is the #1 economic mobility and anti-poverty strategy that America possesses. When a student from the bottom income quartile and a student from the top income quartile attend and graduate from the same selective university, the economic disparities that defined their childhood nearly vanish. That’s why IDEA makes a promise to every child and every family that attends — you will go to college.

And this is why IDEA Public Schools continues to grow today. We are committed to bringing this opportunity to as many communities as we can while still maintaining high-quality results.

IDEA’S 2023 Growth Plan

We currently serve 66,000 students. IDEA will serve more than 100,000 students at 200 schools by 2023.

As a next step toward serving 100,000 students by 2023, IDEA Public Schools
is opening 8 new campuses in 2021-22. We’ve also announced plans to open new schools in Tampa BayJacksonville, FL, and Cincinnati, OH, with more regions to come! The campuses below opened in August 2020. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements. 

IDEA Harlingen Hornets

IDEA Harlingen
Rio Grande Valley

IDEA Palmview
Rio Grande Valley

IDEA Sports Park Mascot Stingrays

IDEA Sports Park
Rio Grande Valley

IDEA Edgecliff Lightning

IDEA Edgecliff
Tarrant County

IDEA Hardy Herd

IDEA Hardy

IDEA Spears Scorpions
IDEA Travis Lions

IDEA Travis
Permian Basin


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