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Team & Family

Parents play a critical role in the success of IDEA Public Schools. We encourage our parents to actively participate in the education of their children.

Get Involved in the Education of Your Children

You can get involved in your children’s education by reading to them and asking them about their homework assignments as well as by making sure they attend school, get physical exercise, and eat healthy well-rounded meals every day.

Stay Informed about IDEA

IDEA is committed to keeping our parents up to date about our latest results and initiatives through regular campus communications as well as periodic electronic newsletters, printed magazines, and our district-wide and campus-specific websites.

Serve as an Ambassador for IDEA

We also encourage our parents to serve as ambassadors for IDEA Public Schools in the communities where they live. This might entail telling your neighbors about our unique college readiness curriculum and our strong track record of college success. Or it could involve letting your elected officials and local philanthropic organizations know about the importance of supporting public charter school legislation and fundraising.

As a parent of one or more IDEA students, you should receive frequent updates from your campus leaders. If you do not receive these updates via email, you can access them on your campus websites. In addition, IDEA Founder and CEO Tom Torkelson invites parents to share their questions, ideas and concerns via email.

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