IDEA: Bringing Team & Family to Life

Each of IDEA’s students, teachers, staff and parents work together to reach their highest potential every day.  We work with parents to maximize their child’s education and support them on their road to success in college and in life.  

Parent involvement is critical to student success.

Early Connections

Ms. Laura Lerand, kindergarten teacher at IDEA Bluff Springs Academy in Austin, Texas, noted that the parent partnership is a catalyst for academic success and positivity in her classroom.  “Building a solid relationship with each students’ parents and/or guardians is so important.  Communicating with parents, through various channels, ensures we know the full story of each of our students, so that we can plan our teaching accordingly.”

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How do teachers communicate with parents on a regular basis?  Across IDEA campuses, educators and leaders use the following mechanisms and more to ensure parents are always connected to their child’s progress within the classroom. 


Parent-teacher conferences are typically held once a quarter, which occur in person or over-the-phone.

Class Dojo

Many IDEA educators utilize Class Dojo, which allows teachers to communicate with parents in a group setting and individually, much like a close-knit social media website, just for the parents in each classroom!

Progress/Life Binders

Progress binders are a great tool, Ms. Lerand noted, to update parents and guardians on academic and behavioral progress every single day.  “My team writes a note for parents in every students’ binder each day,” she said. 


Grade levels also send out weekly or monthly newsletters to parents informing them of happenings at school, like preparing for a field trip, or important content students are learning in class.  Additionally, each IDEA campus provides parents with “The Parent Weekly,” a newsletter which consists of campus-wide news and events.

Social Media

Every IDEA campus runs their own Facebook group for campus family and friends.  It’s a great way to share news and build a sense of community online.  

After Hours Help

IDEA educators are supplied with a work phone, so that they are available after school in case students have a question or need help on their homework.

Support for Every Student--No Excuses  

Our Critical Student Intervention (CSI) program helps students who may have fallen behind by partnering with students and their parents to achieve two years of learning growth per year to get them back on track.  IDEA also collaborates with district and campus staff and parents to develop programs and activities that meet the needs of all students receiving special services. We ensure each student is fully included in campus instructional and extracurricular programs.

This family partnership begins in Pre-K, and doesn’t end until our students graduate from college.  

Omar Martinez, who graduated from IDEA Frontier College Preparatory in Brownsville, Texas this past Spring, now attends the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.  He credits the support of his teachers for preparing him for the rigor of college.  

“My teachers at IDEA always went above and beyond for me, and for all students at IDEA.  They also ensured my parents were looped in to my progress every step,” Omar said.  

In fact, Omar recently flew home from Philadelphia to speak at the IDEA Brownsville Luncheon, where he got to spend quality time with his father and his former educators. 

Students, parents, teachers, and staff all make up one IDEA Team & Family.

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