Summer Day Camp

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Day Camp is an opportunity for kids (age 5-11) to get used to the idea of camp, but still get to go home each night to sleep in their own beds.  There are many enriching activities that day campers get to participate in that makes the camp experience so much better than attending a daycare. 

For example, day campers are assigned to groups with other campers the same age.  They will be assigned to counselors who have been trained to work with kids that age. Counselors ensure that your camper has a meaningful experience and are included in the variety of activities we provide at camp.  They are given individual attention and encouraged to try new things.  

Camp is about learning.  Learning to work together with others, learning a new skill, and learning about yourself.  Your day camper will come home with greater confidence, new friends, and perhaps a new appreciation of who they are and what they are capable of.

Day camp just gives them these opportunities in smaller doses.  When they (and you) are ready, overnight camp is available!