IDEA Relay Teaching Residency

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About the Program

The IDEA Relay Teaching Residency is an amazing opportunity for individuals entering the education field and interested in becoming game-changing educators with IDEA Public Schools. The residency takes place on an IDEA campus and prepares individuals to be successful lead teachers for the following school year.

In year one of the residency, individuals are full-time co-teachers while also attending regular classes with the Relay School of Education (Relay GSE) to gain a teaching certification and a master of arts in teaching. They will receive mentorship from one of IDEA’s most successful teachers while gaining hands-on experience in the classroom. In year two, if all requirements are met, residents will become lead teachers on an IDEA campus and continue evening classes with Relay to complete the master’s degree.

Residency Benefits

Competitive Salaries

Comprehensive Health Benefits

Unparalleled Mentorship

Paid Teacher Certification and Master’s Degree


What are the requirements to be considered for the IDEA Relay Residency?

All residents must have an undergraduate GPA above a 2.5 (3.0 or higher is preferred) and a completed undergraduate degree by July. Teaching experience or a background in education is not required, however, experience tutoring or working with children can make an applicant more competitive. All residents must have a passion for education, strong time management, and a desire to receive feedback.

Where and when will the IDEA Residency take place?

The IDEA Relay Residency will begin in early July kicking off with Relay and IDEA trainings that continue until the first day of school. Each established IDEA region will host a varying number of first and second year residents based on the size and needs of that IDEA region. To see existing IDEA regions and schools visit

Will housing or relocation stipends be provided for residents in the first year?

Housing and relocation financial support will not be provided for residents.

What are the time commitments for an IDEA Relay Resident?

IDEA Relay Residents assume responsibilities as a full-time instructional staff member, typically arriving at school at 7:00 AM and leaving around 5:00pm. In the first year, residents will attend an evening class once a week, as well as occasional Saturday school. Additionally, first year residents will be excused once a week for a half-day Deliberate Practice session ran by Relay focusing on building first-year teaching skills. In year two, residents will have occasional evening and Saturday classes, as well as after-hour duties required of lead IDEA teachers such as tutoring and lesson planning. Residents will be responsible for staying up to date with all IDEA responsibilities, as well as Relay coursework throughout their two years.

How will lead teaching placements occur in the second year of the residency?

In order to be offered a lead teaching role at IDEA, residents must be in good standing with Relay and have their IDEA manager recommendation. In year two, residents must teach in a grade and content that meets the requirements of their teaching certification and master’s degree. The needs of the IDEA region, the capacity of the IDEA school, and the preferences of the resident will be taken into consideration when placing residents for their second year. In most cases, residents are offered teaching roles on the campus they were hosted during their first year.

What Compensation Should Residents Expect?

Residents in their first year will receive a co-teaching salary of $30,000. Residents in their second year will receive a lead teaching salary based on the regional pay scale. Additionally, individuals will receive comprehensive health benefits and IDEA will cover the cost of the programming for residents to gain a teaching certification and Master’s of Arts in Teaching.

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