What Students Learn in Kindergarten at IDEA Public Schools

Kindergarten is a fundamental year for students at IDEA Public Schools. It is an exciting time when students learn foundational skills like math, reading, and English Language Arts by combining fun and challenging classwork and activities. IDEA’s engaging curriculum piques the interest of young learners and enhances a variety of skills necessary for success throughout Academy (grades Pre-K-5), College Preparatory (grades 6-12), and college.

During the school year, kinder students complete Eureka math modules, 160 reading program lessons, and 150 language lessons. By the end of the school year, each IDEA kindergartener should be at a first-grade reading level or higher. This goal helps prepare our scholars for success for the next academic year.

When IDEA parent, Melynda Galindo, first enrolled her son, Cristopher, in kindergarten at IDEA Brownsville, she was concerned about her son’s reading level. But her worries melted away shortly after the school year began.

“It was such a proud moment when my son, Cristopher, brought the book home ‘Goodnight Moon’ after school and said to me, ‘Look mom, I can read!’” said Melynda.  “He started reading to me that night, and it brought me to tears. Not only was he reading, but he was excited to do it because he was inspired at school.”

Christina Flores, IDEA’s Director of Academic Pre-K-2, believes that the personalized and structured learning are the keys to success for our early learners.  “Our academic program for kindergarten is rooted in the IDEA vision of college for all,” she says. “It starts at the foundational level. It sets our kinder students up for success later on in their academic experience.”

As important as it is to build a strong academic foundation, we also know it is important to build a strong nutritional base. To burn extra energy, we ensure every kinder student has daily recess. To fuel their minds and bodies for learning, IDEA has fostered a Farm to School program, which sends organic produce directly from our school gardens to our cafeterias. Healthy minds, healthy bodies, happy scholars!

IDEA’s offers a personalized and distinct kinder program that ensures all students receive instruction at the appropriate level. Our scholars have fun mastering academic fundamentals and social skills as they begin their journey to and through college.

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