Cavett Thorne

Cavett Thorne

What Students Learn at IDEA: Wit & Wisdom

From the first day students set foot on an IDEA Public School campus—whether at Academy or College Preparatory—we instill in them the expectation that they will go to college. This expectation is woven in the fabric of everything we say and do. To see our students to and through college, we provide a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum.

To prepare for college, our scholars must be strong readers and writers. One of our stellar curriculum components is our newly implemented English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum known as Wit & Wisdom.

What is Wit & Wisdom?

Wit & Wisdom is a comprehensive ELA curriculum used by IDEA Public Schools for 2nd – 6th grade students. This program inspires curiosity and takes students on a journey through authentic literature and discussion of big topics like the Great Depression, ancient and modern mythology, and courageous people throughout history. 

Using this distinct program, students are able to engage in deep study of important topics through reading complex texts while taking ownership of their own learning and deepening their knowledge of the world.

What’s unique about Wit & Wisdom?

Wit & Wisdom consists of modules of study designed to help students develop habits that are common for strong readers and writers. Each module develops around complex texts and includes essential questions, reading, writing, exploration of language conventions and vocabulary study and discussion and concludes with an end-of-module task.

The Wit & Wisdom approach helps students and teachers celebrate the joy of reading and writing. By reading books they love and engaging meaningfully in their learning, students develop the knowledge and skills they need to be successful readers, critical thinkers, and effective communicators who love to learn and can succeed in college and careers.

Want to see Wit & Wisdom in action?

Here’s a sample of a Wit & Wisdom class taught by ELA Secondary Curriculum Manager, George Galindo.

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