IDEA student during distance learning at home

What IDEA Parents Are Saying About The Start Of The School Year

The school year is now underway in most IDEA regions, and we’ve been asking parents what the experience has been like for their families and children thus far. Hear what some of them have to say, and let us know on social media how your IDEA scholar is doing!

If you’re reading this and haven’t applied or completed your child’s registration, there is still time. But don’t delay, limited spots remain! New parents can apply here and those who haven’t completed the registration process can register here!

Here’s what IDEA parents are saying:

Thank you for your hard work during these difficult times. Days 1 & 2 have been excellent, beyond my expectations! Our scholar is excited, looks forward to his sessions, is attentive, and participates!

My child was super excited to begin this school year, and is eager to face this year’s challenges. Thank you IDEA Public Schools for giving him this opportunity.

IDEA students during distance learning

Thank you for ALL the support! Everyone from IDEA has gone above the call of duty…and to the all hands on deck!!! Thank you for caring and making us part of your family.

Muchas gracias por el esfuerzo que hacen cada uno de las personas, que hacen posible la educación para nuestros hijos… me encanta La Escuela IDEA y no se diga a mis hijos.. verdaderamente están felices en su regreso a la escuela… Muchas gracias por todo!!😇😇😇🤩🤩👍😊😊

Felices en este regreso a clases. Queremos agradecer todo su esfuerzo en esta nueva etapa de aprendizaje y muy en especial a los maestros de mi hijo por estar en la mejor disposición y atención para ayudar a sus alumnos.
IDEA Student During Distance Learning

Thank you to all the wonderful amazing teachers, and all staff for making these transitions so smooth. You guys ROCK! Our family is blessed to have you all. We continue to pray for a smooth transition back into school with a hedge of protection for all.

I love how well-organized IDEA is! Distance learning has made me feel confident that even though my daughter isn’t sitting in a classroom, she’s still getting the same education online!

Estamos muy felices de ser parte de IDEA. Estamos muy agradecidos por todo lo que hacen por seguir educando a nuestros hijos en estos tiempos. Admiro y valoro mucho el trabajo que hacen los maestros porque hoy en día nos estamos dando cuenta lo valioso que es el trabajo de ellos y que no es nada fácil. Gracias!

Our teachers are awesome. We had a great first week.

IDEA student during distance learning at home

Our little student has had fun meeting her classmates online. Everything to get us going was provided with clear instructions. Thanks!

IDEA has done a fantastic job. I am excited for my daughter’s 1st grade school year.

It is evident that the faculty and administration worked hard over the summer to give their students a smooth start to the (online) semester. Thank you!

There’s still time for your child to join IDEA Public Schools for the 2020-21 school year! Learn more about our Back To School Plans or Apply Now!

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