We Love Our Teachers! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from IDEA Public Schools

During this special week, we salute our teachers for their hard work and dedication as they transform the lives of our students. While every week is a time to be grateful for IDEA teachers – we want to say, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all that you do to ensure every IDEA student is receiving the education they deserve.  

It has been an exciting few weeks here at IDEA Public Schools! For the 13th consecutive year, IDEA college preparatory schools in the Rio Grande Valley, Austin and San Antonio were ranked among the top-performing schools in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. Fifteen IDEA high schools made the list this year, with 87% of our ranked high schools in the top 5% or higher! In addition, as we near graduation, IDEA’s class of 2021 will see 1,407 graduating seniors, including 1,079 firstgeneration college students, begin their college journeys this fall at universities across the nation.  

We know that none of this success would be possible without the passion, hard work, patience and love of our teachers. Though words can never fully describe how grateful we are for our teachers, who better to try than our students? Read their kind words of appreciation below! 

“Mrs. Wynn’s class is fun! We get to do experiments and talk about what we are learning.  We did one experiment with a cup, water, shaving cream, and food coloring to learn about how clouds work. I enjoy doing all the hand-on learning. Mrs. Wynn is also nice and funny, and she makes sure we are on task. She explains things in a way that is easy to understand and that makes me feel confident.”  

-Brianna Thomas, 5th grader at IDEA Round Rock Tech Academy speaking about her science teacher, Chantal Wynn 

“Ms. Keys goes beyond the definition of a teacher. She is a genuine friend and will always be there to help, whether it’s a math problem or whether it’s anything going on outside the classroom. She’s willing to give out all the help she can to see her students succeed and believes in us even when we might not believe in ourselves and is the first one to congratulate us when we do make it. Ms. Keys is the GOAT!” 

-Ryan N. Martinez-Espinosa, 12th grader at IDEA Carver College Prep, speaking about his calculus teacher, Stephanie Keys  

“In Ms. Wiley’s class, I love reading, learning and figuring out new stuff and reading new stories, and reading new words! Ms. Wiley always helps us and is kind and respectful. She is a great a teacher to ALL students, even if you get it wrong, she is kind and helps you. She has helped me learn to love reading!” 

-Kenny (KJ) Mayes, 2nd grader at IDEA Edgecliff Academy, speaking about his English & language arts teacher, Claire Wiley  

“What I like about Mr. Delgado is that he is always clear and helps students with anything they are confused about. He is an amazing teacher because he supports us. Mr. Delgado tells all of us that we are amazing kids, and he made a secret way in math class that lets him know if we are having a hard time. He says, “thumbs up,” and we have to respond in the [Microsoft Teams] chat with a thumbs up. He keeps track and if he sees no thumbs up from you, he knows you are struggling. I have a hard time in math, so he encourages me to do the best I can. He is the best math teacher ever.”  

-Ximena Arce, 6th grader at IDEA Palmview College Prep, speaking about her math teacher, Juan Delgado 

“I like that I can go at my own pace in Mr. Vallejo’s class. He always makes me show my work even when I know the answer.” 

-Zachary Kimbie, 6th grader at IDEA Hardy College Prep, speaking about his math teacher, Anthony Vallejo 

“Ms. Price is always super energized, and she is always showing how much she loves teaching. She makes learning fun and exciting. Her passion shows through her teaching. She is my role model. A few words that describe Ms. Price are funny (she always makes us laugh), sweet, confident, and successful. She is always pushing herself to be greater and never stops moving if she needs to get something done. Ms. Price, I love you so much!!!” 

-Taylor James, 5th grader at IDEA Bridge Academy, speaking about her social studies teacher, Kiera Price 

 “Ms. Malone is very nice to me, and she always helps me when I ask for help. Her class is not boring. She always comes up with fun activities to do. She is a great teacher because she is patient with all her students. She never makes me feel awkward when I ask her questions. She pushes me to think and not give up.” 

-Jan Paul Salcido, 7th grader at IDEA Edgemere College Preparatory, speaking about his special education teacher, Michelle Malone 


Teachers, on behalf of everyone at IDEA Public Schools, we thank you for the work that you do, and we are so happy that you are part of our Team & Family. 

If you’re reading this and are not yet an IDEA educator, we’d love for you to consider joining our Team & Family and making a difference in the lives of students!  Click here to learn more about career opportunities at IDEA.  

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  

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