Top 4 Reasons to Utilize Accelerated Reader & Hotspot Software During Thanksgiving Break

With the Thanksgiving holiday around the corner, it’s time to relax, spend time with family and friends, and…continue learning! 

Did you know that IDEA’s Accelerated Reader & iLearning Hotspot software will be available during Thanksgiving Break, November 17 through November 25?

Here are four reasons your child should log on and keep the learning going while snuggled up at home, or on a fun trip to the local library.

Reason 1: Come Back to School Sharp & Ready

If your child dedicates just an hour a day working on math skills and testing on a book or two, he or she will return to school on November 26 ahead of the game and ready to learn.  Helpful tip—develop a routine, start the morning with a good breakfast and make that next hour a dedicated “Math & Reading Time.”

Reason 2: Continue the Journey to Royal Reader and Math Genius Status

Need we say more?  Every IDEA scholar is on a mission to become a Royal Reader and a Math Genius.  Work hard now, so you can celebrate later.

Reason 3: It’s The Perfect Downtime Activity

Go for a walk in the crisp fall air.  Kick the soccer ball around. Attend a Thanksgiving gathering.  But when there’s a little downtime, have your child read a few chapters or log on to the computer for some math fun.  You’ll be amazed how many little pockets of time you can fill with educational fun!

Reason 4: It’s A Blast!  

IDEA Weslaco Pike scholar Clarissa Rodriguez said it best: “You are rewarded every second that you are reading.  Sometimes a book can be a companion when no one else is.  When you’re bored, you can open a good book, snuggle up in the covers, and transfer yourself into another world.  You feel like you’re right there with the main characters.”

The same goes for mathematics.  Who needs video games when you have interactive math software games to play?


Parents, you can access everything you need to know about login credentials and program information here.

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