Tips for Using DreamBox Learning® Software Over Break

As IDEA scholars are home over the extended break, it is important to keep their math skills as sharp as possible.

DreamBox Learning® is a K-8 digital math program that independent studies have found to raise student achievement and better prepare children for future success. Powered by the brilliance of each child, DreamBox combines a fun and engaging learning environment with a rigorous, standards-based, math curriculum.

DreamBox promotes active learning and independent critical thinking by responding to each student’s strategies and decisions in the moment. Because DreamBox adapts lessons and recommendations based on the needs of each learner, children always have just the right level of support when and where it’s needed.


DreamBox Learning® Home Usage Expectations­­

  1. Allow for (3-4) 45-minute sessions throughout the week.
  2. Encourage completion of every lesson that is started. Mistakes are OK. Your child should not shy away from incorrect answers, as they help find the right lesson to build learning progress.
  3. We know it’s difficult, but please resist the urge to help with answers so that your child doesn’t move ahead before he or she is truly ready.


Student Access

Your child can access DreamBox Learning Math 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from a desktop, laptop, or iPad by logging in through the school’s District portal (an Internet connection is required). To access DreamBox from an iPad, go to, or search for DreamBox Math in the App Store.  Once you have downloaded the app you can log into your child’s profile through theDistrict portal.

To set up your free Family Insights Dashboard, follow these steps:

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