Support IDEA’s COVID-19 Alumni Relief Fund Today

Our mission is to prepare students for success in college and citizenship. COVID-19 will not change that, nor deter us from achieving our goal of 100% college matriculation for the Class of 2020. The IDEA team is actively creating plans to ensure our outgoing seniors are academically prepared for college while ensuring our existing alumni have all the tools and support they need to complete their degree.

With that in mind, our seniors and alumni need your support now more than ever. One hundred percent of IDEA seniors have again been accepted to college and are planning for their next steps post-graduation. We are committed to continuing to provide Give Me 5 funding support to our graduates that will help remove any financial barriers to their matriculation in the fall.

Additionally, COVID-19 has added new shock to our alumni in many unforeseeable ways. With college campuses closing across the country, the loss of campus jobs and the closing of cafeterias, the need to travel home, and transitioning to an online platform are among the many concerns our alumni are now trying to navigate.

Please make a donation to the emergency fund that will support IDEA’s Give Me 5 program for our seniors and alumni at Our hearts go out to all of you as we as a community learn to navigate these uncertain times. Thank you again for your dedication to IDEA Public Schools, our community, and our families.”

A recent article in Forbes Magazine highlights the plight of low-income, first-generation college students in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more about the challenges faced by college students by clicking here.

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