Re-Registration FAQ’s 2019-2020  

We look forward to having our scholars return to IDEA Public Schools for the 2020-2021 school year! To guarantee your scholar’s spot, you will need to re-register your child through STREAM by January 31, 2020.  Please read the information below for frequently asked questions about the re-registration process.       

I already created a STREAM account. Do I need to create another one? 

No. Families that created a STREAM account to submit a sibling application will login to their account and add their current students to the re-registration portal using their unique access codes. 

Why do I need to re-register my child?  They already attend IDEA. 

Great question!  Re-registration is so important because it lets us know that your child is coming back to IDEA, and it guarantees their spot.  In addition to confirming your child’s spot for next year, this process also ensures we have the most up-to-date information for your family on file.  

I want my student to transfer to another IDEA campus, what do I do? 

When completing re-registration, you will have the option to select that you will be applying for a transfer and then will be prompted to complete a transfer application. Transfer requests are included in our student lottery, which will take place on February 15.  

My child will not be returning to IDEA.  Do I still need to do this?  

We are sad to see your child go, but yes, we ask that you do complete the process.  When you complete the re-registration process, you will have the option to indicate your child will not be returning to IDEA.  This crucial step allows us to determine which spots are open for future IDEA scholars! You will also be asked to update your contact information so we can continue to communication with you this year.  

 I need help.  Who can I talk with about re-registration at IDEA?    

Please email registration@ideapublicschools.orgwith any questions or concerns you may have.    

Okay, let’s start the re-registration process. What are my next steps?  

Click below for a quick and easy guide to complete your child’s re-registration within minutes.    

Visit our re-registration page by clicking below.  


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