Lottery Is Complete: What’s Next for Your Status?

Our student lottery is complete! We are so excited to welcome our new families to IDEA Public Schools, beginning in August 2021! Now that lottery is over, here are some next steps to check your child’s status.


Families with an offer received a notification of their status after the lottery finished running in their region via the preferred method of communication indicated on their application (email and/or text). All families are able to see their offer status in STREAM now that the lottery has finished running in their region. An initial round of offers were sent on lottery day, and offers will continue to be sent if seats become available. Families will also receive a followup call from their campus within a few days of receiving an offer.

If you have any questions about your notification or need to speak with someone before taking an action on your notification, please direct any questions to your campus representative here or send an email to 


Responding to Your Offer 

In order to accept or decline your offer, please use the link to log in to your STREAM account. This will be provided in your lottery notification, if you received one. 

When you accept your offer, all other applications will be removed from the system. For example, if you applied to IDEA Eastside and IDEA Carver in San Antonio and you receive and accept an offer at IDEA Eastside, your IDEA Carver application will be removed from the system. After you accept your offer, your new school will contact you with next steps in the enrollment process, including information regarding registration and Welcome to IDEA, our campus orientation event.  

If you choose not to accept your offer, you must decline the offer in STREAM. Declining removes your application to that school from our system and awards the open seat to the next student on the selection list. However, declining one offer does not remove or cancel applications you may have submitted to other IDEA schools.    



If your child is not chosen during the lottery, they are automatically placed on the waitlist. You can see if your child has been waitlisted using your portal in STREAM.  

Throughout the spring and summer months, spots may become available. Enrollment is offered to the next student on the waitlist as soon as we have notice of withdrawal. If a parent declines an offer, we move to the next student on the waitlist until the position is filled. Please contact your campus directly for updates on your child’s waitlist status. However, there is no guarantee your child will receive a spot. 

If you submitted an application after the lottery was completed, your child will be automatically waitlisted, and you will be contacted if a spot becomes available. 


Go check those STREAM accounts! We’re so thankful for your interest in IDEA Public Schools, and we cannot wait to welcome you into our Team & Family. If you have additional questions about the lottery process, please review our Lottery FAQ or contact 

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