Learn What Parents Are Saying About Their Child’s Future

At IDEA Public Schools, we partner with families to ensure their children get the education they deserve to have a successful future. We recently asked parents what they wish for in their child’s future and here’s what they had to say.

“I want my children to realize their potential and use it to further their education, so that in adulthood they can use it to inspire and help others.”

“My hope for my daughter is that she will be able to go straight off to college, know what she wants for her life and pursue her dreams. I want her to always have the right type of support and never be made to feel as though she cannot break the glass ceiling. I want her to grow into a confident adult and always know that she can do and be anything she sets her mind to.”

“I was not able to attend a university and I want the best for my son. My dream is for him to accomplish everything that I couldn’t accomplish and much more. As of right now, he wants to be a lawyer and I want that dream to come true. I want to do whatever is in my hands to help him reach his goals. I know IDEA is the best school for him to be able to reach his goals.”

“My parents never told me the importance of education. They never pushed me to be a great student, which led me to not even think about college. I didn’t have any access to many of the things that kids now days has access to. My school didn’t even offer art classes, which is what I was interested in. I don’t want my child to grow up the same as I did. As a single mother, I want to see her succeed and know how important an education is. I am also a full-time student, and I hope that I am setting an example to her about education. I want her to be able to attend college, no matter what my financial situation may be then. I cannot afford to pay her college tuition now, and do not foresee myself being able to do so when she graduates. So, my dream is for her to be able to attend college without having to worry about the financial aspect of it, and to attend college being prepared and knowing what to expect. My dream is to see my daughter fulfill her dream of being a veterinarian.”

What are your dreams for your child’s future?

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