IDEA’s Special Education Program: College for ALL!

In the last three years, IDEA Public School’s special education program has grown by 65 percent! We are so proud of our expanding Team & Family!

Across each of our regions, we provide a high-quality Special Education program that supports our students on the way to and through college.

IDEA proudly serves special education scholars. We have a dedicated Special Education team whose mission is to train and support campuses in extending and improving learning opportunities for diverse learners and/or scholars with disabilities.

“I have been blessed to work collaboratively with the Special Education team at IDEA who truly embodies and exemplifies each day that we as a Team & Family do whatever it takes for all scholars,” says IDEA’s Lead Speech Language Pathologist in the San Antonio Region, Carmen Rincon.

The IDEA Special Education team across our regions work every day to support our scholars.

“It is because of his teachers…and it is because of his principals that he is who is he today,” says Maria Mejia, Assistant Principal of Instruction at IDEA Mission and sister of RISE scholar, Mauricio Mejia.

In order to be a Special Education teacher at IDEA, a valid state certification in Special Education and content is required. This certification ensure our teachers Special Education teachers can effectively work with students who have a wide range of learning, cognitive, emotional, and physical disabilities.

IDEA is committed to providing every scholar with the support they need to succeed to and through college. Scholars receive individualized support through accommodations and access to resources so that they can follow the same rigorous curriculum as their IDEA peers.

As an example, watch this heartwarming video that highlights one of our special education scholars, Mauricio Mejia, and his family’s inspiring journey at IDEA.

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