IDEA Will Change Your World

Like many parents, Dariana Jefferson was anxious about her son Kaleb’s transition into middle school. Unsatisfied with many of the local school options, she heard about a Texas charter school network that was making its way into Southern Louisiana for the first time.

“I wanted to find a good school for him and kept hearing about a school called IDEA Bridge. So, I decided to learn more,” she says. “They were located literally across the street from my house, and from the second that I met the staff, they were all so pleasant and willing to help me.”

Jefferson says that many independent charter schools frequently pop up in Baton Rouge, but IDEA’s stellar track record and continual expansion was what won her over.

“I don’t want my son to get left behind in a poor school system,” says Jefferson. “IDEA has a proven record of achievement and success. Finding out that every student gets accepted to great colleges and has scholarship options, makes me believe that is the place my child needed to be.”

Though her son Kaleb is just a few weeks into his first year as a 6th grader with IDEA Bridge, Jefferson says she can clearly tell that he loves his new school.

“IDEA welcomed him with open arms, and I’ve noticed a positive difference in him which makes me very happy,” she says. “Putting him in a school where he will have the opportunity to go to college and have the life he wants and deserves is a blessing. I can’t wait for that day.”

Jefferson says the only advice she would give other parents is simple:

“If your kids are enrolled in any other school system, get them over to IDEA as soon as possible. It’s a big difference, and it will change your world.”

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