IDEA Student Spotlight: Mario Marquez

The support of a community makes all the difference when it comes to success, and no one believes that more than Mario Marquez. This bright, articulate 6th grader at IDEA Edgemere loves the sense of community that IDEA affords students and is quick to tell you so himself.

“Everyone is family here,” he says emphatically. “Everyone on campus is here to support you and guide you to succeed.”

Just a few weeks into his first year at IDEA, Mario already sees a difference in the people and the culture that make IDEA schools unique. While he says the culture, core values, and commitment that teachers display to every student are his favorite things about IDEA, Mario says IDEA’s 100% college acceptance rate was the biggest selling point for his mother.

“She chose IDEA because it has a 100% college acceptance rate, and that’s really rare,” Mario says. “That’s not guaranteed anywhere else. But here, they give you that guarantee.”

Though he is just in 6th grade, Mario says that the excitement that builds around going to college begins early through college visits and wearing spirit shirts from colleges and universities on Fridays. The support of his campus family is also inspiring him to be a founding member of the campus’s robotics club.

With a budding interest in STEM, Mario plans to attend MIT someday and study robotic engineering. Though he may venture far from El Paso, his pride in being part of Edgemere’s inaugural class will stay with him for a lifetime.

“We are the first generation, the first opening class,” he says proudly. “By coming to IDEA, you will ensure your future.”

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